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Michael S. Djanthi has been painting for more than 30 years.  His work has won numerous awards in museum competitions and he has sold more than 100 pieces to clients all over the world.  Doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and people from all walks of life are now beginning to discover his unique genius.


Djanthi is a uniquely brilliant artist who began his career as a trained physician.  He left a lucrative medical career to explore a gift that developed in his 40’s.  He began having mystical experiences where he traveled outside of his body for hours at a time.


At first, he visited nearby regions of his hometown, neighboring cities, and places in the dream state.  Over time, he learned to expand the power of his mind through mediation, strict dietary protocols, and isolative spiritual practices.  He learned to completely free his mind from his body.


During the times that he escaped the physical restraints of his body, he began to travel our local solar system and the neighboring star systems of our galaxy.  He found that the galaxy is full of life, culture, and technology. The art that he retrieved from the worlds that revolved around these star systems reflects concepts that we will not discover for many years.


Each piece represented on this site derives from distant worlds and star systems.  Djanthi believes that information, technology and art flow copiously from many stars and are able to be retrieved by the properly prepared mind.  After decades of work, he believes that he has discovered how to traverse space with his consciousness and retrieve valuable pieces of art that would otherwise never be seen.


Djanthi’s pieces radiate the energy of consciousness reflected by the cultures that he encounters.  The energy has an affect on human consciousness that allows the user to elevate and evolve. This work is unique and expansive in its reach.


The pieces are presented in a unique metal frame network.  The art is fused into the metal in a magically luminescent form that is both permanent and beautiful.  The art is coated with a durable coating that protects it from the elements, water, dust, air, and solvents.


Prices range from $300,00.00 to $1.25 million USD per piece.  Just state the item number and we will give you the price.